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Nov 17

Luxury One-Bedroom Apartment Living with Ingleside Apartments

When moving into an apartment on your own for the first time, there’s no need to compromise with someone else over what you want, it’s all up to you, and you shouldn’t have to settle. The best amenities, interiors, and floor plans are absolutely what you’re entitled to and more, and you can find it all at Ingleside Apartments, where perfect one-bedroom apartment floor plans, for a first time luxury apartment, are in plain sight.

Take for example, the 1A model. With the 1A, there’s plenty of space not only for you to feel relaxed and comfortable on your own, but for you to enjoy a few guests as well. On entering and heading to your left, a wide, amazingly spacious living a dining area greets you, as well as a kitchen equipped to take on any meal you can throw at it. The living space is spacious enough for any sort of furnishing to suit your tastes, while the dining area is perfectly capable of housing a full dining set. Finally, between the two is access to the balcony, where you can step out whenever you feel the need for a breath of fresh air. Back through the hall is a guest accessible bathroom, which ensures privacy away from your bedroom. Speaking of the bedroom, it is spacious, and includes a walk in closet for all your belongings to store easily. Across from this is a full washer and dryer, that makes laundry day an absolute breeze.

To see more of our one-bedroom apartment floor plans, as well as to see our amenities, services, other floor plans, and neighborhood perks, please come visit us at our leasing office and see exactly what makes Ingleside Apartments the perfect choice for you.


Nov 17

Embrace the Wild Side with the Phoenix Zoo near Ingleside Apartments

When looking for an apartment, many different things can play into your final decision on where to live. From interiors, to community amenities, to floor plans, to neighborhood activities, all are equally important, and without any one of them, it takes away from the apartment as a whole. For example, if there isn’t anything to do nearby, then it doesn’t much matter how nice the apartment itself is or what services they offer. Fortunately, Ingleside Apartments provides both luxury within our apartments and a luxury of options for activities within our neighborhood, however, a main attraction is most certainly the Phoenix Zoo.


With the Phoenix Zoo, something can be found for all ages, from kids to adults, as kids will marvel at the animals themselves, while adults will always come away having learned something new and interesting about the creatures we share our planet with. Over the next few months, the Phoenix Zoo offers a dinosaur themed event, called Dinosaurs in the Desert, which includes mock paleontology digs, talks with “Dinosaur Keepers”, and photos. The other portions of the zoo will remain the same, allowing you to do as you please. With spring comes the “Roars and Pours” event, which allows those of us older than 21 to sip on local craft brews while roaming the many trails of the zoo, which is perfect for a weekend activity.

To learn more about neighborhood spots such as the Phoenix Zoo, as well as to hear about our community and it’s amenities, interiors, floor plans, and services, please feel free to drop by our leasing office today and see exactly what Ingleside Apartments can do for you.


Nov 17

A Neighborhood of Action

The progress of life constantly moves forward every day: new inventions and technology are released to make chores easier; new people cycle through the city every season, while others leave to flock to other opportunities; and, of course, that daily schedule never really seems to end. Here at the Ingleside, we understand how troublesome it is to get stuck in a stand-still spot, which is why our luxury apartment community gives you the amenities and benefits you need to let you enjoy both your active and lazy moments in life.

First of all, paying for monthly rent has never been easier, thanks to our online payment system; simply link up your MoneyGram, credit or debit card, or an e-check account to our secure website and make payments with the click of a mouse. Many nearby employers offer exclusive discounts for employees who stay in our luxury apartments, so you have more pocket money to use however you please. Our models and amenities come pre-wired with cable/satellite TV, so you can watch your favorite programs right when you move into your home or in our cozy social areas. Our package concierge service will keep your important packages and online orders in a secure spot until you’re ready to pick them, save you time and hassle. Our great location stands right by several exemplary schools, and our gated entrance and additional covered parking ensure you’ll have a spot for your car close to your home. Finally, our fully-equipped fitness center let you work towards your fitness goal, whether you wish to build your muscles, or improve your heart or flexibility.

Keep moving forward with great support at your back here at the Ingleside. Explore our amazing luxury community in Phoenix today.


Oct 17

A Home for All Occasions

A little celebration, no matter the occasion, goes a long way for many people. Some people like to keep their hangouts small and intimate – between one or two close friends, while others like to bring in all their buddies and family together for a gigantic fiesta. No matter what you like to celebrate – a holiday, promotion, anniversary, graduation, birthday, and so on – the Ingleside at Phoenix has the perfect hot spot for you, with fantastic luxury apartments to give you a home to rejoice in.

For starters, all of our luxury apartments have ceilings at least nine feet tall, giving you ample room to hang up those colorful streamers or to arrange your furniture in a way that keeps you cozy. Our contemporary style kitchens make for the perfect catering and cake spot: cook up meals to the perfect settings using the modern stainless-steel appliances like the frost-free refrigerator, and marvel at the lovely espresso finished cabinets and sleek countertops. Lounge out with a few friends and some drinks out on the private balcony. Connect to the Internet right as the party starts using the high-speed internet access throughout the entire community, or hook up your TV to our pre-installed cable services and stream the biggest movies for a film night. Let your furry best friends join in the fun thanks to our pet friendly facility. Finally, when all the celebration is done, pack away the seasonal décor for next year in our convenient extra storage out on the patio.

Give yourself something to celebrate right at home at the Ingleside. Explore our luxury apartments in Phoenix and check out our great amenities today.


Oct 17

One Bedroom Bliss

Sometimes, all you need is one: one chance to win that prize or goal you’ve been vying for days, weeks, or even years; one moment to savor with your closest friends or family forever; one more slice of pizza to top off your appetite; or just one more try to climb that obstacle and reach the finish line. Here at the Ingleside, our luxury apartments only need one bedroom to ensure that you’re most comfortable at home, regardless of what other “ones” you may have in your life.

Our one-bedroom floor plan features an impressive 768 square feet of space, perfect for a pioneer to set down their things and relax. The main bedroom has ample room to fit your plushest king-sized mattress, should you desire, along with an expansive walk-in closet to organize your favorite outfits and accessories however you like. The open living room is the perfect escape from your daily stresses, including wide window views and space for all your hobbies, ranging from your TV and sofa to a bookshelf or two. Practice new and old recipes alike in the open concept kitchens, with a raised bar for convenient snacking, plenty of pantry room, and a dining area great to set down a table. Take a breath of fresh air right from the private balcony adjoining the dining area. Finally, work on laundry right from the comfort of home using our convenient washer and dryer connections right by the bedroom.

Give yourself that one chance to enjoy your life here at the Ingleside. Explore our great luxury floorplans today and see if the one-bedroom model is the right fit for you.


Oct 17

Golfland Fright Night: Ghouls at the Golf Course

Golf’s already a tricky sport; you have to combine patience, aim and precision, and a controlled swing or tap to get a tiny ball across hundreds of yards of grass, sand, and other obstacles into a hole the size of the coffee or tea mug that rests on your desk – unless you’re playing miniature golf, which only spans about ten yards as most but no less tricky and full of obstacles. It’s even more difficult when, out of nowhere, zombies and mutant beasts jump up and scare you, throwing off your aim and sanity like what can happen at Golfland Fright Night.

However, the difficulty in that scenario is only part of the fun when you have a great neighborhood like the Ingleside. Located about fifteen miles away from our luxury apartments stands Golfland Sunsplash, a golf-themed resort that donned itself in Halloween spirit for the Golfland Fright Nights event. There’s fun activities for all ages and horror tolerances. Have kids or an easy penchant for nightmares? Take things ease with the Spooktacular Mini-Golf course. One of their super fun courses has been redecorated to reflect this scary time of year, full of creepy graveyards, skeletons, lights, and even costumed characters that may jump up and surprise you. Admission is the same as the other courses: $10 for adults and $8 for kids. Need something more terrifying? The Gauntlet Haunted House is one of the best haunted houses in the state, featuring multiple floors of haunting special effects, eerie props, and talented actors made to scare you silly. Tickets are available online for $14, and it’s not recommended for children under thirteen.

Swing those golf clubs and scream in fear and delight here at the Ingleside. Explore our beautiful luxury apartments in Phoenix today, and then dare to venture to Golfland Fright Night this Halloween.


Oct 17

Relaxation for Every Season

Everyone has their favorite season of the year: some people love the beautiful blooms and vivid colors of Spring, some love the pleasant heat and the freedom that Summer often brings, some love the brilliant change of leaves and the ample amounts of pumpkin spice during the fall, and the rest love the frost caked wonderland of hot cocoa and holiday joy of Winter. The only downside to all these seasons, whether you like them or not, is that they tend to be almost exclusive to each other; after all, you can’t go snowboarding in above freezing temperatures, and going out for a swim seems implausible during the cold months.

Thankfully, here at The Ingleside luxury apartments, our great community helps cover all four seasons with universal amenities. For starters, every day is a good day to swim in our beautiful heated outdoor pool; it’s roomy enough for any level swimmer to enjoy, and includes private poolside cabanas, a spacious deck to soak in the sun, and a separate hot tub to lounge and ease your troubles away. Keep warm during the cooler months in our indoor social areas, complete with satellite TV to watch your favorite shows and cozy seating for you and your guests. Take a walk in the brisk fall or spring seasons with your furry best friend thanks to our pet friendly facility, and keep your rides protected from the elements with our covered parking spots. Finally, our proximity to schools makes it easy for kids to get to class at any time of the year.

Enjoy the best of all seasons whenever you like here at The Ingleside. Explore our luxury apartments and community amenities today.


Sep 17

All you have searched for you’ll find here

Spending time looking for the perfect home should be rewarded with the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. At The Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona, your search is not only over, but richly rewarded. Treat yourself to an impressive array of apartment and community features you will love to enjoy and share with your friends. Find the right layout or floor plan among some of the most innovative designs anywhere. Whether you choose to spend your time on the go or inside for a long weekend, your perfect life starts here at the Ingleside.

Comfort abounds

Enjoying luxury is really about enjoying comfort, and the comfort you find at the Ingleside comes from convenience. And convenience begins as soon as you walk into your new home. Enjoy the feel and maintenance free cleaning of your vinyl wood plank flooring throughout the living spaces. Feel the comfort that ceiling fans add to your bedrooms. Spend much time in the kitchen? Here you will fall in love with the espresso finished cabinets that perfectly complement the water fixtures and frost-free refrigerator. Not a gourmet chef and don’t aspire to be? Then the microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher are your new trinity of cooking. Regardless of where you spend your time in your new home, you can enjoy high-speed internet access, so rock out or catch up on your favorite digital series.

All you have searched for is here at the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona – come home today!


Sep 17

Everything you have been Looking for

Having the space to live the lifestyle you want is easy when you live in the right place. At The Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona, you have all the choices you need to find your perfect home. No matter the expertly designed layout or floor plan you choose, your perfect space is waiting for you. Indulge in apartment and community amenities designed for your comfort and perfect for sharing. Whether you prefer a life on the go or quiet weekends, your new life is waiting for you at The Ingleside.

One bedroom paradise

Although you have to choose only one floor plan, you can’t go wrong when you choose life in the A1 1 bed/1 bath, seven hundred sixty-eight square foot luxury apartment home. As soon as you enter you discover that there’s so much more to life when you live outside the box. Walk into this welcoming layout and you are greeted by a gentle entryway that leads to your spa bathroom and sanctuary bedroom. Opposite these, you can enjoy the gourmet kitchen complemented by the dining and living areas. With plenty of space to kick back and relax, or host the next big party, you are never pressed for space to entertain. But you don’t have to keep the party indoors. You will find plenty of space on your balcony to stretch out, relax, or chat with your friends.

Come home to find everything you have been looking for at The Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona.

Sep 17

Good Morning Sunshine

You can always find an easy start to your day when you wake up on the right side of the bed on the sunny side of the street. Wake up sunny every morning when you live in the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona. Start your day in luxury. Enjoy perfectly designed apartment and community amenities featuring plenty to love and even more to share. Happiness isn’t limited to your time at home. No matter the spacious layout or floor plan you choose, there is always space for the life you want to live. Enjoy the surrounding vibrant neighborhood with plenty of experiences just waiting to thrill you.

Have your Morning Sunny Side Up or Over Easy

For some, being an early riser is just in their blood. They can tell you all the colors in the sunrise and are always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. For some who need a helping hand describing sunrise as something other than “early”, there’s Over Easy – a popular local breakfast spot. In their own words “When Over Easy opened in 2008, it was almost immediately heralded as the best breakfast in Phoenix. Critics and customers alike were wowed by the from scratch cooking, throwback décor, and Midwestern hospitality. Featured on Food Network and in Bon Appétit Magazine, as well as numerous local media outlets, Over Easy continues to be a favorite for eggs, pancakes and a modern twist on the classics.”

Say good morning sunshine when starting your day with Over Easy and enjoy life at the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona today!

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