Ingleside Apartments
May 17

A Haven of Cacti

When most people think of deserts, they think of endless sand and dust, perhaps spare cacti or two dotting the landscape, and little to no live roaming underneath the dune. On the contrary, the desert is full of life when you know where exactly to look, full of succulents, reptiles, insects, and mammals that have long adapted to the hot summers and cold winter evenings. Here at the Ingleside luxury apartments in the heart of Phoenix, you get the opportune chance to see all this life in person.

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is a beautiful must see attraction, and it stands only five miles from the Ingleside, about a ten-minute drive. The garden features five unique walking and hiking trails showcasing the natural flora of Arizona, such as the Desert Wildflower Loop Trail, the Desert Discovery Loop Trail, and the Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail. There are also many buildings and greenhouses to explore, such as the Cactus and Succulent Galleries, and tours are always available to learn more about every plant and animal that lives in the arid climate, such as the night time Garden Flashlight Tours. Every Friday in Spring, the Desert Botanical Garden hosts the Garden Concert Series where local musicians add traditional music to your visit at the Ullman Terrace stage. General admission is $25 for adults and $13 for kids 3-17, though if you purchase a membership you can attend the garden and many of the special events entirely free.

Explore a lively garden in the middle of the sand plains here at the Ingleside. Visit our great location and the Desert Botanical Garden this weekend.

May 17

Soak In Summer with Style

There’s no denying that summers in Arizona are ‘fry an egg on the sidewalk’ kind of hot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it. The right kind of community will offer you plenty to enjoy the heat while it lasts, such as cool indoor features or methods to have fun under the sun, and here at the Ingleside luxury apartments we happen to have just that.

For starters, you can’t have a summer celebration without a pool. Our resort style pool is the perfect size for swimmers of any skill level – from little tots learning to kick their feet to casual waders to professional sprinters, and its heat-controlled waters make it swimmable in any season. Relax by the poolside in the bubbly and soothing hot tub with some buddies, lounge out and get that soft, healthy tan out in the sundeck, or keep to the cool shed with our lovely cabanas. Feeling hungry? Our outdoor grill and picnic area let you cook your favorite BBQ style meals. And of course, your furry best friends are more than welcome to join in with our pet-friendly community.

Other amenities are available throughout the entire year; several nearby employers will offer major discounts at our facility, you can pay for rent and other expenses easily through online payment options, our gated entrance guarantees you’ll get a parking spot right next to your home, and our package service will keep your important deliveries secure until you’re ready to pick them up.

Slap on some sunscreen and enjoy the best of summer here at The Ingleside. Visit our luxury apartments in Phoenix and tour our expansive community this weekend.

May 17

Homes for Creative Folk

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of humankind is their ability to create, to strive for a positive change in the world. Even outside more obvious creative careers such as writers, artists, and performers, employers always seek new hires that are capable of seeing outside the box, to make their own decisions based on cooperation and their own critical thinking. Here at the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in downtown Phoenix, we do our best to encourage everyone’s open mind with beautiful luxury apartments to fit anyone’s needs.

For starters, all our apartments have nine-foot tall ceilings, giving more space to arrange your furniture and décor however you see fit. The vinyl wood plank flooring is resistant to damage from frequent nightly pacing or for the occasional loss of balance, is easy to clean and maintain – giving more time to work on your goals rather than on upkeep, and beautifully matches nearly any color scheme. Cook your favorite meals or perhaps try something new in the contemporary kitchens, featuring lovely espresso finished cabinets, along with modern stainless steel appliances including a frost free refrigerator and a microwave. Keep your home at the perfect temperature using the central heat and air conditioning, the ceiling fans in the living and bedrooms during the arid summers, and the optional fireplace during the cool winters. Work on laundry with ease with the full sized washer and dryer sets included in every apartment. Last but not least, you can rest easy on the private balcony or patio, soaking in the sun while lost in your thoughts or sharing a cool drink with a loved one.

Open up your possibilities here at The Ingleside luxury apartments. Visit our leasing office in Phoenix to browse our available lots and find the right fit for your needs today.

May 17

Comfort and Luxury for One, Please

True, the heat that Phoenix goes through every summer can be intense to those not used to it, but the best way to counter that is to have a home that’ll not only keep you in the shade but will give you more than enough amenities and space to make it your own and to make the most of every inkling of spare time you have. Here at the Ingleside, we offer the right kind of luxury apartments to fit all those categories.

Our one bedroom floor model is the perfect starting point, holding a remarkable 768 square feet of living space to decorate however you like. The coat closet right by the front door lets you contain your winter coats and weather gear for those rare, less than fair days. Cook up something classic or a new recipe right in the spacious kitchen, featuring ample cabinet and pantry space for grocery stock, along with a raised bar for easy snacking and décor and extra room for a nice dining table to eat with loved ones. Relax in our open window living room, large enough to fit your favorite plush couch, a TV set, a coffee table, and more. Breathe in the fresh air and maybe get a healthy tan from the adjoining balcony, roomy and capable of fitting lounge chairs and tables. Get some well-deserved rest in the bedroom that can fit even a king sized mattress, and organize your clothes and accessories with ease using the expansive walk-in closet. Take a long, soothing bath in the luxurious bathroom equipped with a large soaking tub. Last but not least, laundry is made simple with the washer and dryer connection right by the main bedroom.

Keep your head cool and your mind calm here at the Ingleside luxury apartment homes. Stop by our leasing office in Phoenix to take a look at our available one bedroom apartments this weekend.

Apr 17

Find a great new home and make some new friends

Enjoying your new digs is easy when you live at the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona. At the Ingleside, you quickly discover that the location can be just as much a luxury amenity as the resort style pool. Regardless of the spacious layout or floor plan you choose, you will love living a life where every detail was designed with your personal comfort in mind. Your neighborhood blends perfectly with the luxury you discover at the Ingleside – and nothing goes with a new home better than making some new friends.

Learn some new names

One of the best-kept secrets in Phoenix is located just steps away from your front door. Just down the street, you will find a favorite local hangout called The Attic Ale House. In their own words “Specialize in unique craft beer’s 21 rotating draft handles. With the famous Ivan Burger rated top 10 in the world by Best in Phoenix by New Times. Top 10 Bucket List Craft Beer Bars in Country.”

Just imagine a long day running the errands that keep daily life going, then deciding for a quiet evening out and maybe catching up with the friendly faces you enjoy when you are at The Attic Ale House. Better still, when your friends visit from out of town, drop by the Ale House and show them some real Arizona hospitality.

Begin to enjoy your new home at the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona today!

Apr 17

Enjoy the luxury of home even when you step outside

Enjoying the luxury of your home is easy when you live at the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona. Featuring individual apartment amenities designed around your personal comfort, you can enjoy premier luxury no matter what floor plan or layout you choose. And your enjoyment doesn’t end when you step outside. Community luxury amenities offer plenty for to share with your friends or just spend a long weekend enjoying on your own.

Nothing better than a hot tub, except a heated pool

With the spring in full swing, there’s no better time to get poolside and out under the sun. But in Arizona, a warm day this time of year can still invite a chilly night – but don’t let that take you from the water. At the Ingleside, you can enjoy the heated pool as the sun dips below the horizon. The stars don’t have to be the only ones at play once the sun goes down. Your heated pool can let you extend your day by the pool deep into the night. Or you can enjoy an evening dip in perfect comfort with only the stars above you. Imagine floating in a heated pool with the black sky above you, flecked in endless stars millions of light years away. Warm tranquility is at your fingertips.

When you are ready for personal luxury, you are ready for the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona – find your new home today!

Apr 17

Enjoy the comfort of daily ease

Experiencing a luxury lifestyle can mean many things to different people. Some imagine cruising over deep blue water as fast as the boat will take them. Others may imagine spending day after day on the shore of an exotic beach eating and drinking like the locals. But you can have the luxury you want without using your passport when you consider a deep ease of life as a pure luxury amenity. At the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona, you will find apartment and community amenities dedicated to your personal comfort and ease of life. No detail is too small when everything is designed with you in mind

A life of ease is a personal luxury

Imagine the small errands you do to sustain your life – the day in day out maintenance of you. Wouldn’t it be nice if those tasks took as little time as possible away from what you really want to be doing? At the Ingleside, individual luxury apartment amenities are in place to give you your time back, and that means your freedom.

No matter the floor plan or layout you choose, you will find a washer and dryer inside your home. This dramatically shortens the time planning your day around laundry, now you can do it, or not do it at your leisure. Easier still, when you do decide to do your laundry, you have the luxury of using the in-home high-speed internet so you can be extra productive if you want.

When you are ready to explore the luxury of a life of ease, you are ready for the Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona.

Apr 17

Live your modern lifestyle in a unique space

Every feature and design you will find at The Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona are unique to the modern luxury apartment setting when personal comfort and daily ease are your focus. Complete with modern individual luxury apartment amenities, and community amenities perfect for sharing, you will find the lifestyle you crave close at hand when you live at The Ingleside.

Live life to the fullest in the 1A

Whether you live a life on the go or one with time to relax over a long weekend, life in the 1A 1 bed/ 1 bath is one filled with modern comfort and ease of life – with a modern design sure to pique your esthetic sensibilities.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a welcoming entry way featuring access to everywhere you may want to be. Your first choice could be walking down a short hall into your luxury spa bathroom, ready to soak away the challenging adventures of the day. Or you from your entryway you can access your sanctuary bedroom, with all the peace and quiet you need to grab a quick rest before the evening’s entertainments begin. Your bedroom features an ample walk-in closet perfect for every season of your wardrobe. Finally, from your entryway, you can enter your gourmet kitchen that opens into a spacious living and dining area perfect for hosting the next party. From the living area you can enter the private balcony for views only Phoenix can offer.

When you want a modern and comfortable lifestyle, look no further than The Ingleside luxury apartment homes in Phoenix Arizona.

Mar 17

Escape from Monotony

Puzzles have always been a reliable form of entertainment people since the ancient times, and there are all sorts of them for every kind of mind and preference: word puzzles like crossword; math and number puzzles like Sudoku; physical sliding puzzles and Rubik’s cubes; the list is rather endless and would probably take up a whole novel. It’s satisfying to train the brain to think outside the box and to finally succeed whenever the last piece clicks in. So why not step a little further and join your friends in a challenge that trumps all other puzzles?

Approximately 7 miles from the Ingleside apartments in Phoenix – about a quarter hour drive – stands the Phoenix Escape Room venue. A unique experience that’s only recently grown in popularity, escape rooms are a fun, mind-boggling attraction in which a small group of people must work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and then escape the room before the timer runs out, more often than not with an exciting theme to keep you fully immersed in the action. Right now the Phoenix Escape Room has three different themes: Farewell, a hunt to find a deceased grandfather’s lost treasure; Rescue, a high stakes thriller to free a kidnapped girl before the bomb goes off; and the Crimson Storm, a rush to escape an enchanted pirate ship and retrieve an ancient artifact. All three events have tickets available by every half hour or so a day, so it’s quite possible to experience every room within a few days if you desire, and you can reserve up to eight spots in a public run-through. Tickets are $30 per person, though military discounts are available; there’s no official age limit, yet these hard puzzles are recommended for older minds 14 and up. Last but not least, they can set up private events for birthday parties and other special occasions.

Expand your mind and cooperate to survive and triumph! Visit the Ingleside apartments to take a tour of our complex and available lots, and then stop by the Phoenix Escape Room to start a new adventure this weekend.

Mar 17

The Ideal Community at Ingleside

It’s one thing to own a great apartment suited for your needs; it’s another to find a community just as great. The best complexes offer plenty of exciting activities to enjoy during your downtime, along with great convenience due to its proximity of nearby shops, schools, and entertainment venues, and here at the Ingleside we have all that and more.

For starters, it’s easy to make weekends a blast on fair weather days. Take a dive in our heated outdoor pool, always at the perfect temperature regardless of the season, then soak in the warm sun on the sun deck, cool off by the poolside cabanas, or relax with a few buddies in the soothing spa. Host a great cookout party with our outdoor BBQ grills and spacious picnic area, and then run around and play in our expansive courtyard. Even if it starts to rain on your parade, you can still gather in our air conditioned lobby and watch your favorite shows with our cable/satellite TV. Also, those wishing to improve their health before the summer season starts will enjoy our state of the art fitness center, full of cardio and strength training equipment to maximize your workout.

Ingleside also offers plenty of amenities to make chores less of a burden. Our package service will keep important online purchases and other deliveries safe and secure until you’re ready to pick them up. Many local employers will offer discounts to living here, so expenses are no longer an issue. Our close proximity to many schools in the area makes it easy to take your kids to schools, and our covered parking will keep your car cool against the glare of the sun. Last but not least, our entire complex is pet friendly, so any of your furry best friends can join in on the fun.

So don’t just settle for a good apartment; surround yourself with a good community as well. Visit Ingleside in Phoenix to take a tour of our expansive community today.

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